Strength & Conditioning

Friday, October 13, 2017 - By: Luis M, Privett ‘18

Varsity Strength and Conditioning is a well established program head by Mr. Amiel which allows students to improve in strength and movement in their individual sport. It happens in the Varsity Gym - formerly the assembly hall below the exam centre - the former dining hall for Old Brentonians. The program is open to any grade level, but it prioritizes Grade 11 & 12 students as a result of the demands of their individual sport. 

At the beginning of each school year a series of test is given to benchmark students’ strengths and weakness. The test includes vertical jump, agility, basic movement, and strength. These tests are vital as it sets a baseline for what each student and his/her instructor will focus on. 

After testing, the program is specialized to a specific sport. For rugby, the program focuses on strength and conditioning. Rowing, on the other hand, that  focuses on endurance training and leg drive. Depending on the time of year, the program could drastically change. 

There are three primary sets of workout routines throughout the school year. This data is all recorded in a new application called TeamBuildr. This software allows instructors to record all the data of each student. The software also includes videos demonstrating the proper technique of every exercise that is used. This procedure is new this year as it maintains better student records.

In a typical day for Varsity Strength and Conditioning, all athletes must start with foam rolling; it allows better blood circulation throughout the body and stimulates the muscles before the primary workout. Next is the workout. To end, students foam roll to distress their muscles. 

This program is recommended for all students who are interested of honing their sport-specific fitness. It is a fantastic program that helps students reach their fullest potential. 

Luis M, Privett ‘18

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