Start of Term 2 Basketball

Friday, January 15, 2021 - By: Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

As term one basketball - or as some would call it the term of running - came to an end, the competitive season for basketball began. The Senior Boys spent most of their sports days doing conditioning while practicing in the gym on arts days with Coach Gage during term one. Since term two is the competitive season for the senior boys, we are now able to get more frequent gym times for practice.

COVID-19 has presented a couple of road bumps when trying to play in competitive cohorts within the team. During Camp Brentwood 1, 2 & 3 we were not able to play competitively with one another. This did not stop us from working hard and breaking a sweat. Competitive shooting drills were run with stakes on the line; the losing team had a sprint.

When the mitigation strategies had been loosened a bit, we started to play competitively within cohorts. This meant a full-blown feud between teams during three-on-three or four-on-four. Almost all of us have not been able to play competitively during the summer and quarantine phase, which meant that all of were hungry for action. Santiago S, Whittall ‘22, said that “Not being able to play all summer with the boys has been rough. Now that the whole team is back in the gym it feels good.” One of our newer members to the team, Liam F, Ellis ‘22 says: “Back home COVID’s pretty bad. I wouldn't have thought these kinds of team practices would be happening, but it's clear that the people of Vancouver Island and the staff at Brentwood are doing a great job to make this possible in the safest way.”

As the new term starts its engines, so will the Senior Boys. We may not currently have a competitive schedule, but that doesn't mean we won’t be putting in some hard work.

Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

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