Sr B Volleyball

Thursday, January 06, 2022 - By: Alex Toporowski, Allard ‘18, Coach; Photo by Paul Fletcherr

This Senior B Volleyball team proved to be one of Brentwood’s most competitive yet as their commitment fuelled their success. Immediately, the group set the tone for the season by expressing their collective goals for high-quality volleyball. While the skill level was on par with many of our competitors’ varsity programs, their effort was the outstanding factor in their performances. Skill development and game knowledge allowed for some players to solidify their position, such as Christine L with her defensive capabilities and Valerie L with her attacking force, while Ona GP and Grace P stepped up to fill multiple roles. Everyone established themselves as competitive athletes, not just volleyball players.

The team’s tenacity earned them the opportunity to attend the ISA tournament in Vancouver, which was unprecedented for any recent Senior B Volleyball team. The weekend exceeded expectations as the team came home with bronze medals. We acknowledge stellar performances from middles Caleigh HM who went on a 12-point serving run and Lucy M who led our offence with her attacks, as well as our setters Kiara J and Lilly O for being our playmakers. Special shout out to our bus driver Bernie - our biggest supporter.

As driven as this team was, the fun of the sport was not lost. There was just as much dancing on the court as there was diving - perhaps more if you are Laila Reed. It became clear that Julia P could laugh just as hard as she hit, and Brooklyn F could make her teammates smile as much as she does herself. Each player on the team was valued as an individual far beyond their on-court skills.
To the graduating athletes Elora W, Lauren K, Macy DR, and Nicole C, from Coach Topper: you were so vital to this team as leaders, and I am very grateful to have been a part of your Brentwood volleyball experience. I hope your skills and ambition keep volleyball in your future!

Alex Toporowski, Allard ‘18, Coach

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