Squash Before Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - By: Christopher C, Rogers ‘16

On October 23rd and 24th, four of Brentwood’s top squash players of 2015 went down to Victoria to compete. In this particular squash tournament, Brentwood played as a team. As for rules, matches were timed for 20 minutes during which the object was to gain as many points as possible. The team with the most accumulated points at the end would be victorious.

Campbell F, Privett ‘17 was first to play, escaping with a 43-42 point victory over his opponent. He feels he played “Average - not very well - and sleeping before the match wasn’t smart.” Later that day, he played fiercely, obtaining a landslide victory of 76-34. When asked to describe this match in one word, his reply was “Cool beans.” Zack B, Privett ‘16 fought hard in his matches, but just came short of wins. He would describe his overall experience as “pretty nifty.”

Achyuth P, Privett ‘16, otherwise known as Krish, went into his first match “Feelin good.” However, his match was also very close, but he pulled through with a victory of 54-52. He felt that he was off his game. Later in the tournament, he was matched up against Cole Phillips Whittall ‘15, a Brentwood alumni who was a Squash Captain last year. When asked how they felt about playing a fellow teammate, Krish replied, “Hopefully I don’t lose,” and Cole was “Excited and interested in seeing his improvement.” The match was close, but in the end, Cole triumphed.

Christopher C, Rogers ‘16 racked up the points, winning one of his matches 80-46 and another one 78-56. His logic was to “play as swiftly as possible” to accumulate points. After all of his matches, he felt “exhausted and hungry.”

The team had a great tournament full of fun and excitement, just 30 points away from first place. It was a great start to the year with many more tournaments to come. Thanks Coach Verna.

Christopher C, Rogers ‘16

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