Springing Into Soccer

Thursday, April 01, 2021 - By: Jensa NG, Mack, ‘23

As the cherry trees blossom, the hyacinths poke their heads through the warming soil, and the sunlight washes over Gillespie Field, Brentwood Girls Soccer hits the pitch for the final term. The coaching staff of five is formed by Head Coach Mr Barrett, and his merry band of helpers, Ms Fougner, Ms Bell-Etkin, Mr Veenema, and last, but certainly not least, Mr Toby Collis Hanford. That is, of course, when TCH is not occupied by flag football or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brentwood’s Soccer Program is home to players of all skill levels, each with a common goal of bettering not only themselves but also the players around them.

Like many things this year, given Covid mitigation strategies and a lack of competition, soccer has not been able to reach its full potential compared to recent years. However, with much thought and planning, the coaching staff has been able to make sports days enjoyable for all.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, 40 girls, cleats in hand, march down to Brentwood’s new turf field, eager for whatever the coaches have planned. These practices are usually filled with fun drills (socially distanced, of course) such as double soccer tennis, real-life foosball, and ball-striking drills. “The drills are not only challenging but also fun and inclusive” comments Jocie L, Mack ‘22. The supportive coaches remind us athletes every practice that it is up to each individual how much we take from every session.

I have had the opportunity to be coached by Mr. Barrett since I was six years old and his style of coaching has never changed in his 18-year managerial career. He teaches us to think for ourselves and use the right techniques and strategies to improve as individuals as well as a team.

And then, there are Saturdays. And for these 40 lucky girls, that means ... Game Day, Baby! Instead of meeting at the turf, attendance is taken on the field near Hope House. The team is split up into three squads which will play each team once. A round-robin if you will. Scores are kept and points are divided for each player. 0 for a loss, 1 for a tie, and three for a win. “I’m excited to see who will come out on top” says veteran Abby S, Mack 21.

As the weather warms up and stakes heighten on the pitch, Brentwood’s Girls Soccer rises to the occasion. We would like to thank all our coaches for making third term soccer such an enjoyable experience for everyone, from goalies to strikers.

Jensa NG, Mack, ‘23

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