Spring Formal

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - By: Luke H, Whittall ‘18

Brentwood Seniors recently enjoyed a great Spring Formal put on by both the Grad Council and the SAC. This team effort required many meetings, weeks of planning, and numerous hours of organizing and set up. A huge thank you goes out to these student-run clubs for all their hard work, especially Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McLean as their guidance is always imperative for these events to take place. Their many hours of hard work are appreciated by the entire school.

Crooks Hall and the McNeill Centre were transformed from cafeteria to ballroom in a flash, spread in the theme colours of maroon, silver, and gold draped around the room. This Saturday night consisted of mocktails from the McNeill bar, tons of dancing, photos, as well as card and board games set up around the event. Alex T, Allard ‘18 was the student coordinator for the event. When asked about the night she said “It was just really nice to see it all come together!” further adding “The time that the students donated to make the planning and set up was truly what made it happen.”

The evening was enjoyed by all comers but had a special meaning for the graduating class. For them this was the second last time we’d all be dressing up together as Brentwood students. The next one will be the Senior Class Dinner and Dance after we’ve already crossed the stage and joined the ranks of Brentwood alumni. As we took photos with friends, chatted, and laughed as the evening came to a close, it was another “Brentwood last” for our 165 future graduates. 

Luke H, Whittall ‘18

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