Spring Formal in Paris

Monday, May 13, 2019 - By: Amelia H, Allard ‘20

I can hardly count the number of times I have been told by international students that Brentwood is like “the American films.” And what epitomizes the American high school experience more holistically than prom? Or, in the case of Brentwood, Spring Formal. Suits, dresses, mocktails, photos and dancing make up all the components of a perfect night. 

In the days and weeks leading up to the event, students were encouraged to enter the competitions for the most creative and most romantic ‘promposals’. For those who have not seen the most recent cheesy high school rom-com, that essentially constitutes asking someone to formal in the most dramatic and over-the-top way possible. So, naturally, the driveway continuously had boys walking back from Thrifty's with roses and flowers for about a week. 

The theme this year was ‘Springtime in Paris’, and the cafeteria was decorated with gold and lavender streamers, balloons, and lanterns, all of which was seen after entering through a sixteen-foot Eiffel Tower. The evening began with spring rolls and lemonade in champagne flutes, while everyone took photos in the booth with Ms Tarrant. Once we felt sufficiently classy, it was time to dance. With our heels off and our hands in the air, the night was a fantastic success. 

On behalf of the student body, thank you to the Student Activity Council and the Grad Council for helping to make this event such a success. And, of course, to Mrs Martin and Mrs McLean who are Towers of effort, strength, and class at these special events.

Amelia H, Allard ‘20

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