Sports: An Integral Part of Brentwood

Thursday, December 03, 2020 - By: Baya I, Hope ‘23

Exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health. Whether it’s just a short walk around the block or hours of intense rowing, it will make a difference in your life. Here at Brentwood, we value athletics as a crucial part of our curriculum. Being physically fit helps our students become happy and healthy individuals. Not everyone loves to exercise, but Brentwood has a sport for everyone.

Our school builds athletics into its curriculum. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, students have sports afternoons. Every single Brentwood student will be doing one of the following sports on those days: Cross Country Running, Weights, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Squash, Climbing, Cross Training, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Rowing, Yoga, Outdoor Pursuits, Soccer, Strength & Conditioning, Dynamic Movement, Rugby, Swimming, Lifesaving, or Golf! There is truly something for everyone!

Brentwood is ‘where students choose to be’ because of the vast number of opportunities it offers for trying new things. “Everyone wants to be in their sport,” says Alana H, Hope ‘23. Every sport offers different levels for all abilities. Cross Country Running, for example, has groups for beginner, intermediate, and experienced athletes. Our competitive sports teams usually have four groups: the A-team (the very experienced athletes), the B team (the experienced athletes), the C team (the athletes who have played before but not for very long) and the D team (the development team for students who have never played the sport before). No matter what sport you sign up for, there will always be others of a similar level.

“When you play a team sport you develop a sense of community, like a second family,” says Lorelei B, Hope ‘23. Sports are so important to the Brentwood family and they can be a huge part of the ‘grit’ in ‘grit and joy.’ They instill passion and enthusiasm in Brentwood’s students.

Baya I, Hope ‘23

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