Spirit Week

Thursday, January 19, 2017 -

Happy New Year to everyone. While the timeline until our next major break is a short one, this term is loaded with social events and activities that will keep the students and staff fully engaged. A quick look at the school calendar tells us the following:

Every Wednesday this term, our Arabic speakers will volunteer go into the community to help with local Syrian families as they continue to integrate into their new lives as Canadians.

Every Monday this term, student volunteers will help here at the school while a local trainer educates puppies and their owners on the subtle nuances of training their pets.

On January 13th, Interhouse Debate will take place here on the campus, between 6:30- and 9:30 pm. Several local parents and community members will act as judges.

On Saturday evening (January 14th), Allard House will host their annual Open House Social.

Between January 19 and January 29th, the Student Activities Committee will coordinate Spirit Week. Activities include:

·         January 19th- Red and Black Day and Foot Long Hot Dog Sale (supporting the service trip to Nicaragua)

·         January 20th- Interhouse reach for the Top

·         January 21st- Tail Gate Party and Hockey Night in Mill Bay (Saville Cup Final), Favorite Hockey Jersey Day (Canucks jerseys are the only acceptable ones!) Mackenzie House Skating after the hockey game.

·         January 22nd- Spirit Week window painting competition at Crooks Hall

·         January 23rd- Rock Bands will entertain at dinner. Samurai (Japanese) Dinner

·         January 24th- Karaoke at Dinner- All performers welcome. Guest appearance by Mr. Patel!

·         January 25th- Rock Bands will entertain at dinner- British Fare dinner- British food served.

·         January 26th- Twins Day- Students and staff can dress up as twins.

·         January 27th & 28th The students travelling to Nicaragua host a BBQ outside the gym to raise money. Delicious items include Fabulous Burgers, Foot Long Hot Dogs and Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Senior Boys Basketball Tournament

·         January 28th- Chinese New Year Dinner, Alex Open House

·         January 29th- Victoria Royals game in Victoria

Please check the school calendar for the many sports and arts events not mentioned in this message. Needless to say, we remain a busy school!

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