Spirit Week 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018 - By: Sydney R, Allard '18; Photo by Audrey Kellogg

Brentwood’s 2018 Spirit Week is coming up January 25th to February 3rd featuring 10 jam-packed days of activities, events, dress-up days, Winterlude, interhouse competitions, student choice dinners, and more. The SAC has gone out of its way this year to make sure every day is as fun and exciting as possible for everyone on campus. 

With the main events being the Showcase Hockey and Girls Basketball games, students, staff, and families will all come out to support; all you need to look for is the sea of red and black. We also have three interhouse competitions thrown into the mix. With interhouse A cappella taking place right after the hockey showcase, also followed by an open-mic night, the singers and artists are sure to be thrilled in this night of music. 

A new tradition this year is the first annual Great Brentwood Cook-off. Set up to resemble a game show, a barbecue as well as tools and ingredients will be given to each participant, and they will rush to make the best dish, served to a panel of judges, who will decide who will be Brentwood’s next great chef.

A student favourite are the dress-up days. Instead of wearing the school uniform, students are allowed to dress up to a theme. There will be four days like this during Spirit Week: Red and Black Day, Jersey Day, Twin Day, and finally, Pyjama Day. The students always look forward to dressing up on days like these, showing off their best jerseys, twins, and pyjamas.

Two international dinners in the span of four days is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Our Australia and the United Kingdom students will serve up the traditional fare of their homelands. With flags hanging, and decorations enhancing the cafeteria, some students will even dress up in the native dress and colours, adding to the captivating atmosphere.

With all these events taking place in such a short period of time, it is hard not to get caught up in all of the Spirit Week madness. Students, staff and families will all come together in events and activities like these. It is hard to believe that we can belong to such a tight-knit community, where we can support each other, and compete in interhouse fun against each other an hour later.

Sydney R, Allard '18

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