Spark Your Passion in Genre 10

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - By: Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

Monday, April 10th marked the beginning of our Grade 10 journey of exploration into different literary genres. The English 10 genre units is a 6-week course in which students join a new class and immerse themselves in their choice of a genre including Screenwriting, Children’s Literature, Sports Broadcasting, or Romance. These electives let students' creativity flow as we are encouraged to choose what sparks our interest to let us dive deeper into a passion.

The genre units introduce students to a whole new class dynamic with new classmates and a new teacher. Bringing together friends from different classes or students who may have never worked together before, this unit requires strong collaboration to create a successful final project that incorporates creative ideas from all members of the group. Instead of sitting in class and analyzing different aspects of writing, you are able to get hands-on and create your own story. Ms Backlund, Screenwriting teacher, shares: “I find the genre units really exciting as it lets students explore different aspects of literature and we teachers get to teach a topic that we are passionate about. It is neat how students can work in a contemporary way and specialize early in possible career paths.”

Exploring a new style of writing is a great way for students to find and dive deeper into their passion. Since we select our own genre of interest, six weeks will fly by with the fun we are having, whether that is hanging out with a little buddy in Kid Lit or filming our own screenplay. Sienna G, Alex ‘25, speaks about her experience so far, “I am really liking Kid Lit as I have always loved kids. We are currently making a book for our little buddy based on their interests and what we have learned about them. I think it is a great way to connect Brentwood to other schools in our community.” Our eyes are opened to a whole new world of literature, moving beyond literary analysis and reading to a place where technology plays a big role in our expression of creativity. Addison C, Allard ‘25, explains, “It gave me insight into an area of screenwriting that I haven't taken into consideration before. It allows me to think deeper about what I am seeing when I watch movies as I can see the film process play out.”

Throughout the unit, students are given the freedom to let their creativity flow and curate their own project to present to the class. Carys C, Allard ‘25, added, “This class introduced me to a new style of writing that I've always wanted to try but never been able to; it inspired me to start screenwriting.” Unlike most school projects with a set criteria, these projects are ntroduced and guided along by the teacher, and the rest is completely up to the student’s interpretation. The storyline, design, and process is decided through synthesizing ideas as a group and coming up with an original creation.

The English 10 Genre Units are an amazing way to not only meet new people, but work with them to create a project based on your interests. It lets us explore different aspects of literature that may not be covered in a typical English class. Students find a genre that interests them and dive deeper into it, giving them insight and firsthand experience into a specialized course that some may pursue post-graduation. Who knows, this could become their future career!

Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

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