Spare Block: Desperation Sinks In as We All Need It!

Friday, January 04, 2019 - By: Vladislav P, Rogers ‘19

Having a spare block during our highly demanding and hectic high school schedule provides a much-needed break from the school day for Grade 12s. It allows us to mentally recharge and prepare for our next challenging endeavour. As we all know, senior year is by far the most stressful for all students. We have pressing responsibilities such as the SAT/ACT, attaining the highest GPA possible for college admission, and skillfully preparing our college applications. These are by no means easy tasks. The benefits this provides for students is astronomical! 

“Brentwood students can strategically allocate this much-needed time to catch up on assignments, study for numerous exams, complete coursework in Honors and AP classes, and prepare our college application,” says Isaac S, Rogers ‘19. In addition, it allows students to request extra help with classes, pursue enrichment opportunities, and learn life skills.  

Do you remember at least one time during high school when you had multiple projects to complete and numerous tests to prepare for, which were all due within a few days? 

Yes, we all do! 

Brentwood students have busy schedules, and spare block allows us to receive the much-needed help from our teachers. This results in not having to stress over time issues or difficulties, which can be an Achilles heel that takes away from important discussions between the student and teacher on highly intensive assignments and critical projects that are essential to our grade in the class. 

By incorporating a spare block into our schedule, Brentwood teaches us the importance of life skills that will continue to benefit us into the future. These skills will continue to pay off as students learn how to organize and manage time between work and interests such as extracurricular activities. Knowing how to balance and manage our day-to-day life is one of the most essential skills in being a successful person in modern society. Our dedication, our advancement, and our success can all be enhanced by providing students with a block of time that will pay off for a Brentwood grad’s lifetime.  

Vladislav P, Rogers ‘19

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