Spanish 12

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - By: Jessica P, Hope ‘19; Photo by Marco Hernandez

Spanish 12 this far into the year has been an incredible experience. The class atmosphere (and of course the teacher) are amazing and I begin every class with a smile. We have even had the pleasure of hosting presenters from Cuba and Costa Rica. 

Throughout the class we were shown the culture of each country including music, food, dialects and dances. Listening and speaking solely in Spanish, we were served some traditional dishes from each country and able to converse with the two wonderful presenters about their countries. Displays were even arranged to present artifacts from Costa Rica and Cuba so we could experience their culture in its entirety. Laughs were exchanged and questions were asked throughout the night and after two hours we returned to our houses after what I would call an extremely pleasant Thursday evening. 

Jessica P, Hope ‘19

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