Soup For a Cause

Friday, January 12, 2018 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

As we rush through our daily lives at Brentwood, many of us do not stop to consider the privileges that we take for granted at our school and in our lives. For example, most of us do not take the time to be thankful every single day that we are provided with a nutritious and delicious lunch to eat, unlike many children living right here in the Cowichan Valley. 

In fact, British Columbia has one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada, with the Cowichan Valley being home to the highest number of children living in low income families. It was these alarming statistics, and the knowledge that we have the power to help, that led Hannah R, Mackenzie ‘18, to establish Brentwood’s soup kitchen. 

Every Wednesday afternoon, volunteers from our student body gather to make a positive difference. Regardless of previous cooking experience, they come together to make a batch of nutritious soup, which feeds a group of Syrian refugee children living in the Cowichan Valley. These children attend Khowhemun Elementary School, and before this they would often, like so many others, go to school without lunch, hindering their education and overall health. Through a local registered Canadian Charity called the Nourish Cowichan Society, the soup made at Brentwood is delivered to the school, and it gives the children an extra meal to look forward to once a week. 

As this initiative spreads through the school, a group of Grade 9 students, as a project for their 21st Century Studies course, is stepping up to take over the soup kitchen this week. The students who organized for their class to show their support for the soup kitchen include Dylan K, Rogers ‘21, Abby S, Mackenzie ‘21, Shae N, Mackenzie ‘21 and Jack R, Ellis ‘21. 

With Brentwood supplying the food needed for this program, and volunteers giving their time and efforts, the soup kitchen project is making a difference in the lives of these refugee children. Hannah says that “It takes only a small amount time out of our lives to make such big a difference in theirs.” So thank you to everyone who shares a little bit of what we are so fortunate to have with those to whom it makes such a massive impact. For anyone else who wishes to join us in our fight against child hunger in the Cowichan Valley, please follow this link to donate to the Nourish Cowichan Society. 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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