Soaking Up the Rain

Monday, December 14, 2015 - By: Georgia P, Mackenzie ‘16; Photo by Petra J, Mack '16

Baywatch or BAEWatch? For those of you who do not know the term “bae,” it means “before anyone else,” a common slang word for the youth of today. Mackenzie House decided to do a little bit of a play on words and use the theme of Baywatch/Baewatch when filming the open house video. 

Winter temperatures and a beach theme were an interesting juxtaposition but that didn’t stop us. Sarah L, Mack ’16, Bryn C, Mack ’16 and I all jumping in the cold ocean as well as all of the other grads running around campus in shorts and tank tops in early December only made us more excited about the final outcome.

Saturday night came and Brentonians’ took off their non-school approved pants and sweaters and traded them in for some beachwear. Take a step through the Mack doors and you see the house walls covered in Baywatch characters with their faces replaced with Mack Grade 12s. The dance floor was full the entire night with lifeguards and beach goers dancing with each other. 

Once they had their fun on the dance floor or took enough pictures at the beach-themed photo booth, they could make a stop at the kitchen for some French-fries and Cheetos. Yum! Instead of people being able to soak up the sun, they were simply soaked because of the walk over in the pouring rain. My advice to people was to think of the rain as if they had just gone swimming in the ocean.

The open house was a huge success and a big thanks goes out to our Houseparent Mrs. Cheung as well as all of the Mackenzie girls who worked to make this a wonderful last open house for all of the 12s.

I hope that everybody that came out found their bae last Saturday night.

Georgia P, Mackenzie ‘16

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