“Showcase” What You’ve Got!

Wednesday, February 07, 2018 - By: Glory C, Mackenzie ‘18; Photo by Jim Ganley

Showcase sporting events are some of the biggest events of the school year; the whole school comes out in a sea of red, black and white, ready to support the Brentwood sports team in each respective contest as we face our rivals. 

On January 30, 2018, this was no different. The Brentwood student body came out to support the Senior Girls Basketball team as we faced off against Brentwood’s long time rival, Shawnigan Lake School. The crowd was insane, the energy was palpable, and the girls were ready to go, with their game faces on. 

The game started off like a game of ping-pong. The teams consistently raced up and down the floor with the goal of scoring a basket, only to be stopped by their opponent. By the end of the first quarter, the teams were tied, each having scored a mere 5 points in ten minutes. It was evident through this that each team was determined to come out successful, and this mindset remained consistent throughout the entire game.

As the game proceeded, things only intensified. Each team would battle hard to regain their lead when down a couple of points, and throughout the majority of the game, there seemed to be no clear winner. Unfortunately, by the fourth quarter, the Brentwood girls got into some foul trouble, with many of our players having 3 or more fouls. Despite this, the girls fought hard to the finish, coming up a little short, with a final score of 40-51. 

The team this year is extremely small, and the girls have often gone into games and tournaments with only 6 or 7 players, giving each team member little to no rest on the court. This challenge, however, has shown to be of little hindrance to the girls, as they have always fought their hardest, and despite this defeat, we are extremely proud of the Sr. Girls Basketball Team and their persistent efforts on the court. With the determination that is spread through the entire team, we are sure that the girls are ready to face South Islands head on. 

Glory C, Mackenzie ‘18

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