Showcase Hockey 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - By: Luke H, Whittall ‘18; Photo by Bud Patel

The preparations started long before the puck dropped. Each player woke up eagerly awaiting what was in store later that day. Bearing the coveted “B” across their chests during the school’s annual jersey day, they sat in their class, minds already thinking hours in advance. As the clock ticked closer to game time, the nerves began to set in. Loading the buses were the final breaths the players were able to catch before being completely immersed in the game.

The crowd roared to life as Brentwood took the ice against longtime rival St. George’s, and the 4th annual Saville Cup extravaganza had begun. Warm ups were completed with focus and intensity from both sides. The passes were crisp, and the shots were hard. 

The huddle is the last chance the boys will have to suppress their emotions. 

The puck drop is met with an immense cheer from the crowd; signs wave high amongst the commotion and a sea of red is formed as the puck hits the ice. The Brentwood Senior team executes a textbook first half of play taking a commanding 4-0 lead heading into the ice clean, with two clutch goals coming from Aslan L, Ellis ‘18, as well as Luke H, Whittall ‘18, and Luke W, Whittall ‘18 finding the back of the net. The ice clean presented the opportunity for towels and t-shirts to be thrown into the eager audience and offered a new challenge as the second half became more of a defensive battle. Brentwood strikes once again with Cooper H, Ellis ‘19 scoring a beautiful goal over the left shoulder of the goaltender to make the game 5-1. 

St. George’s was not yet defeated, battling back by potting two quick goals with 11:04 remaining in the final frame. Brentwood went into full defensive lockdown, getting the puck deep in St. George’s territory every chance we got. This proved to be too much for St. George’s to handle: the final score was a 5-3 Brentwood victory.

The Senior Boys team, for the first time in school history, won the Saville Cup. Thanks to the fans who came out to make this an event we will not forget.

Luke H, Whittall ‘18

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