SETting the Tone for a BUMPy season!

Monday, September 27, 2021 - By: Miranda NP, Alexandra ‘23

The volleyball program at Brentwood is anything but small; every year over 80 new faces overflow the Foote gymnasium for their first taste of Ms Fougner and her excellent team of coaches.

Last Friday the 17th, after 365 days of Covid protocols and restrictions, our Senior Girls Volleyball program hosted Belmont and St. Michael’s University School for our first tournament of the season!
A certain feeling was in the air with competitive sports returning to Brentwood as 14 of our best senior girls cut the red ribbon, hosting the first competitive tournament since Covid began. Safe to say that the excitement was felt as our wonderful Brentwood community, including Mr Patel, made its way down to the gym to see the action! For this round-robin, Brentwood’s volleyball coaches put together two teams, leading to a volleyball-filled arts afternoon.

Although we had only had a single team practice, both coaches and players were in full game-day spirit. The two Brentwood teams kick started the day playing opposite schools; Brentwood White vs SMUS and Brentwood Black against Belmont. By the end of the day, both Brentwood teams showed just how dominant our volleyball program really is; Brentwood White defeated any team that stood in their way, and a gritty Brentwood Black dove for every point coming us just short against our guests. This Friday was a tiny preview into our athlete’s season: our returning girls are “excited to finally be able to represent Brentwood at a regional and, fingers crossed, at a provincial level,” enthused Maxine P, Alexandra ‘23.

The pronounced success of our program lies particularly on one person. Ms Fougner has been the Head Coach of the Brentwood Volleyball program for over 20 years. Her knowledge of the game, combined with her passion for coaching, is why many inexperienced players learn to fall in love with the game. “Foug”, as her players call her, spotlights the importance of team dynamics, by emphasizing how “Having a team with the most experienced players means nothing if we don’t trust and support one another”.
Our athletes now prepare for a busy season, as they head to Nanaimo this weekend to participate in Dover Bay’s invitational tournament.

Best of luck team!

Miranda NP, Alexandra ‘23

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