September Sports Review

Friday, October 04, 2013 - By: Blake Gage

Our fall sports season is now fully underway and the campus is alive with healthy activity. The boys’ soccer program is showing real promise as both the junior and senior squads have deep and talented rosters and we will be tracking their results carefully in the weeks ahead. Our girls’ field hockey and volleyball programs are also off to excellent starts and it will be exciting to watch their progress during the term. Every year, I am amazed by the improvement we see in these developing athletes.

It is fitting, however, to focus this month’s athletic review on our Grade 9 Boys’ Rugby team. They are an eclectic bunch, hailing from all corners of the world, most of whom had never touched a rugby ball before coming to Brentwood. There was some understandable apprehension among the boys the first day they placed themselves on the field and were introduced to the sport, but in just three short weeks, some amazing things have happened.

The boys have very quickly come together in the true sense of the word, team. Admittedly, not all these players are destined for the First XV in their senior year, but they have all shown a commitment to supporting each other and, perhaps more importantly, every day when they walk off the field, rain or shine, the smiles and sense of joy are apparent for all to see.

Last week, the boys hosted Mulgrave School in ISA league play. I was immensely proud of our boys on this day, not because of the scoreboard (I don’t actually think anyone kept score!) but because of the manner in which they competed on the field. Every single player on the team had a chance to play and all of them embraced the opportunity to do their best. Both sides were comfortable congratulating the opposition when they made a great play or scored a try. This is not an everyday occurrence in sport, particularly in teenage boys, and yet I can tell you that, when play resumed, both teams played extremely hard and with a sense of toughness and determination.

This competitive, yet respectful, culture is a true testament to the two new coaches of our Grade 9 team, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Amiel. We are very lucky to have these two working with our fabulous group of Grade 9 boys and look forward to watching the team continue to improve all term.

Mr. Blake Gage, Director of Athletics

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