Senior Volleyball B Team Gets Gritty - and Joyful

Thursday, November 24, 2022 - By: Lucy M, Mackenzie ‘23; Photo by Mr Paul Fletcher

Volleyball at Brentwood is one of the most popular first term sports for girls. This year’s numbers eclipsed previous years amongst both new and old students, and spanning all skill levels. Coming together at the beginning of the year, dozens of players are eager to not only improve their skills, but also to learn what team they will be playing with: A, B, C or Development.

No matter what team one ends up on, Brentwood’s volleyball coaches make sure that no one feels intimidated or scared that their skills or lack thereof will go unappreciated; they ensure there is a spot for everyone.

Although not as experienced, skilled or “cutthroat” as Brentwood’s esteemed Varsity Team, the Senior B team displayed plenty of “Grit and Joy”, concepts that the Brentwood community lives and thrives upon. We played in the A league of the local Cowichan Valley Volleyball Association where we came away with an impressive record.

As the season progressed, we participated in the ISA (Independent School Association) Tournament where we came second in our pool and ended up placing 8th out of 16 teams. At the peak of the season, the team played in the Cowichan High School Invitational tournament against AA and AAA teams coming away with a fourth-place finish, narrowly missing the bronze medal.

Humble beginnings led to impressive improvements throughout the term. Even though the record does not show top-tier achievements, we took joy in the challenge of each game.

Our extremely affable and good-humoured coach, Ms Scheck, stated, "This team exemplified 'grit'. When the score was not in their favour, they would rally back and either win the points to finish the set or give way for a new set where they came out even stronger. It didn't matter who was on the court, the team played as a unit and were ready to take on any challenge."

Brooklyn F, Alex ‘23, who has played in the Brentwood Volleyball program since Grade 9, relayed, “At the beginning, I was doubtful of our abilities as a team, however, after experiencing the way we came together, bonded, shared many laughs, and had fun during our practices and competitions, this made me very grateful of the team I was on.”

Thank you to Ms Scheck’s strong leadership and vibrancy and for consistently going above and beyond to unite us as a team and help us play in as many games as possible. Congratulations to the entire Senior B team on a highly successful and, more importantly, a thoroughly enjoyable season.

Lucy M, Mackenzie ‘23

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