Senior Soccer Scores Single

Sunday, March 12, 2017 - By: Chidinma A, Alexandra ‘17

Despite the torrential downpour, resulting in the Malahat to be closed, the team was thrilled be heading out to their first game together on Tuesday. Following a long, winding detour along Shawnigan Lake, the girls finally arrived at GNS, just in the nick of time. Everyone was shaking, one part from the cold, one part due to excitement, and one part due to nerves. The first half began and, like any new group of players, it took a few minutes of failed plays for everyone to meld together and to learn how we all play. Halfway through the first half, it was clear we were starting to understand each other. 

Despite this, GNS still posed a threat. Both Brentwood and GNS played strong defensive games, resulting in a quick back-and-forth game in the midfield. With a strong run down the middle, Vannesa C, Allard ‘17  struck the ball right into the left side of the net, pulling Brentwood ahead 1-0 before the end of the half. 

The second half began in a similar manner and despite the frozen fingers and drenched jerseys, Brentwood was ready to jump right back onto the pitch to finish strong. GNS proved to be respectful and strong opponents. The team left GNS with a win, feeling hopeful for the season to come and excited to continue to grow together.

Chidinma A, Alexandra ‘17

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