Senior Soccer is a Sensation

Friday, April 22, 2022 - By: Neve M, Hope ‘23

You might have noticed a handful of mysterious absences and an abundance of tracksuits traveling around the campus recently. If you were curious enough to question these occurrences, the rugby team may have crossed your mind first, or the basketball team, or even the tennis team. With a plethora of sports teams operating all third term long, it is always tough to pinpoint the source of these sudden tournaments, games, and matches. It is certain, though, that a handful of these tracksuits can be attributed to none other than the Senior Girls’ Soccer team.

It has been an extremely busy start to the season. As the pile of assignments stack higher and AP exam dates rush closer, the team has been darting all over the Island and beyond. It started with two exhibition games at our home field against Vancouver Premier Club. After that, the journeys have been non-stop. With a tournament in UVIC April 6th-7th, immediately followed by another at UBC the following week, the girls’ have found themselves in the midst of a soccer craze.

On top of that busy schedule, league games happening almost every Tuesday and Thursday have certainly added their weight to the mounting pile. Throughout the whole process, you may wonder, how are these girls keeping up with academics and arts, as well as running on the field almost every other day. “It’s not an easy process - though it is a rewarding one. I’ve tried to prepare myself as much as possible for the influx of homework and study, as well as the many soccer games. I prioritize communicating with my teachers as they always help to keep me up to speed. I’m really happy with how much soccer we are getting to play - games and tournaments like this last year were non-existent” explained Alana H, Hope ‘23.

It is as much a process to try and stay ahead of the avalanche of academics and other commitments to the coaches as it is to the students. Coaches Jill Fougner, Wesley Barrett, and Griffin Fougner-Rukus, have to consider every possibility of a player being absent. Most recent challenges include injury, band competitions, day leave, doctor’s appointments, tests, and, most notably, the Grade 11 AP English exam. Mr Barrett stated that “One of the cool things about Brentwood is that kids can be multi-sport athletes and can be involved in so many different things at the school. With that comes some schedule conflicts and people having to work together to make it all happen. It’s great to be a part of a school that loves to work together to allow kids to do as much as they can. Any given week, a student might have a league soccer game and be a part of the musical and then have to write a French exam. Organizing and planning to make it all work is great life experience for these students”.

It is no easy task to plan a whole soccer season built around big travel, big games, and even bigger wins. Just last Tuesday, April 19th, the girls earned a victory against Salt Spring Island with a score of 4-0. Amid the surprisingly warm weather and sunshine, the girls fought hard and kicked up mud in their path. The energy after the game reflected the golden rays beating down upon the Island - the air was charged with happy cheers and laughter. It is most exhilarating to note the girls took the win even in the absence of soccer socks - due to accidental circumstances - and a shortage of bus seats on the travel vehicle. With the Captain, Jocelyn L, strapped securely to the bus floor, the team traveled all the way to Salt Spring and back.

The season continues, without any shortage of laughter, wins, challenges, and great fun, all the way to the end of third term. The soccer balls are flying and so are the Senior Girls' Soccer team, straight to Provincials.

If you are in Victoria today and tomorrow, you can catch the girls at the ISA Tournament at Saint Michael’s University School. Friday at 11:30 they play Glenlyon Norfolk and at 2:30, York House. Saturday morning brings a 9 a.m. kickoff against Collingwood followed by a game at either 12:30 or 2:00.

Neve M, Hope ‘23

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