Senior Provincial Tennis

Saturday, June 09, 2018 - By: Maria S, Mackenzie 20

A week ago ago our Brentwood tennis team went to Vancouver to play in the final tennis tournament of the year, Senior Provincials. For this tournament thirteen teams came from all around British Columbia. It was the last tennis tournament for some of the Grade 12 students, so everyone played their hardest. 

Tennis Captain, Will H, Whittall ‘18 said before a match, “Let’s go out there and give it our all!” Brentwood’s team did a really good job on the first day of provincials: we won our first match 6-2. The second game also went well: we won 6-3. All the matches were difficult for everyone. Not all of the tennis players played every day due to the fact most of them were gone for the midterm break.

The second day of the tournament started with a really important game for everyone because this game was deciding who would be competing in the semifinals. Out of 5 matches and 13 teams, Brentwood earned eighth place. We played so hard in every game, sacrificing our blood, toil, tears, and sweat to get the job done. The other teams were very good so it was definitely challenging, but we worked together to get eighth place. It was a very long week and everyone was so tired afterwards. 

We all became closer through this experience, which was nice. Some teammates missed the first days which definitely made things more difficult, but we still managed to pull through and work through our sore and aching muscles. Overall this was one of my favourite parts of the year but it was also very tiring. I just wish the whole team could have been there to celebrate the end of tennis season!

Maria S, Mackenzie 20

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