Senior Play: On Stage & Together

Saturday, April 03, 2021 - By: Zosia S, Senior Play Co-Captain, Hope ‘21

This year’s Senior Play cast and crew have been hard at work in the Killy Theatre. I can speak first hand to the efforts of the cast as they have been crafting their characters, running their lines, and practicing non-stop for the upcoming Brentwood debut of She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen. Houses will be watching the pre-recorded show in their common rooms on Friday, April 16th. Though we are not performing live and in person, the Senior Play team has managed to stay positive and energetic about the show for one simple reason: we are having fun together.

I am tentative to give away too much of the play to our future audience, but I will be happy to share some hints from the cast and crew on what to expect. Julian B, Ellis ‘22 describes the play as a “roller coaster through the golden age of geeks” while crew member Michaela D, Hope ‘22 explains that there’s “a new adventure around every corner”. “It’s expressive and has many twists and turns that lead to a both unexpected and satisfying ending” comments Caiden T, Whittall ‘22, who plays various monsters. You will come to see that each of these is an accurate description of the developing show.

A note from our director, Mr Interlandi: “She Kills Monsters is simply a monster to produce, with so many different aspects and layers that must come together. There is not only the design element and the drama to contend with; there is also sword fighting, dance battles, puppetry, monsters, vampire cheerleaders, and a five-headed dragon all wrapped up in this fantasy coming of age story. It’s a lot of work, but it is also SO MUCH fun and an exciting piece of theatre to create. However, we are quickly approaching the endgame with everyone (from the cast, the designers, and the crew) putting in a tremendous amount of effort to get this play on its feet. It is quite impressive, especially under the conditions we find ourselves in”.

At this time last year, Brentwood students were facing the reality of online school. For the 2020 Senior Play cast, that meant the loss of a show we had been working on since the Fall of 2019. Last year’s play, 7 Stories by Morris Panych, was creatively developed into a radio play by Mr Interlandi and while it was a resourceful alternative, the opportunity to perform on a stage would have been the greatest blessing. As Oli B, Alex ‘21 explains, “Plays aren’t particularly covid friendly” but she has been “nothing but pleased with our amazing cast for staying positive, pushing through and adapting”. Covid protocols have moderately altered the state of our play this year, but I am happy to announce that the cast is still together and still on stage which are two of the most important things.

While the drama/theatre kids are often stereotypically known for being the underground weirdos of the school, I can say with confidence that these are the coolest kids I know; this point was proven back in November at Brentwood’s first annual Night of Scenes, but it continues to grow. The Senior Play cast is a boisterous group of pure talent. In between scenes you’ll find Nina B, Alex ‘22 and Jacob H, Privett ‘22 playing the Killy Theatre’s piano, and Robin C, Alex ‘22 singing. There have been many long rehearsals along with many fits of laughter, but through it all, we have become a tight knit team and we are ready to perform.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for a night of epic adventures, a night of laughter, and a night of beautiful discoveries — prepare for Senior Play to take the stage! I hope you will have as much fun watching as we do performing. On a personal note, I would like to thank our Director, Mr Interlandi, for his brilliance and tenacity, Ms Plough for her patience and production, the crew for their diligence, and the cast for being the best cast I could have asked for in my final year at Brentwood.

Zosia S, Senior Play Co-Captain, Hope ‘21

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