Senior Hockey

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - By: Photo by Jim Ganley

On Saturday, November 11th, Brentwood’s Senior Hockey team took on Frances Kelsey on home ice at Kerry Park Arena. Going into the battle for Mill Bay, the team’s record was 1-2. Students from both schools came out to support their teams, providing great enthusiasm. 

Prior to faceoff, the message from the coaching staff was clear. We came to win. One key to the game was to have a fast start and keep that pace throughout the game. The second key to the game was to know your role and to make smart plays. The entire locker room agreed that if we were to follow this plan, we would have no problem winning the game.

Three minutes into the game, Kelsey quickly went up 2-0 on a shot from the top of the circles and then an odd-man rush. Later in the period, Kelsey scored another goal to make it 3-0. We did not have the quick start we had hoped for and we had to find ways to rejuvenate after the slow start. 

The second period was a much different story. The coaches made some small adjustments, and the boys got to work. Being less selfish and making more basic plays helped the boys regain control of the game and gain momentum. Just before the Zamboni arrived halfway through the second period, defenseman Mason S, Privett ‘18 scored on a point blast to make it 3-1. 

This gave us a great chance to catch our breath and talk about what was working and what was not. As we headed back out on the ice, the fans were loud and supportive giving the team the extra edge needed to continue playing hard. Brentwood took control of the game and dominated the period. Lauchlan M, Privett ‘18 netted two beautiful goals to make the game 3-3. 

Heading into the third period, the team would see if the hard work and conditioning in practice would pay off. An action-packed third period went by with several missed chances on both sides. With five minutes left Kelsey scored to make the game 4-3. Unfazed, the boys continued to battle. With a minute left Haden U, Ellis ‘19 scored from the goal line to tie the game. The late effort helped swing momentum and led to many more offensive chances for Brentwood. 

The final buzzer went off, and the game ended in a 4-4 tie. Although it was not the result the team wanted, there were a lot of positive takeaways. The boys showed great resilience and determination revealing that there is lots of potential for this team for the rest of the season. 

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