Senior Girls Volleyball

Tuesday, October 03, 2017 - By: Linnea B, Allard ‘18; Photo by Thomas Toporowski

This past weekend, the Senior Girls Volleyball team rose early to board the Brentwood bus enroute to VIU. It was our first real tournament of the season and things were looking up with a big win against Isfeld to start the day (and an abundance of bunnies around to give our extra carrots to). The reward for working hard and pushing through four games was winning our pool. 

Day two of the tournament, unfortunately, brought on some feelings of disappointment. Beaming with confidence from the highs of the day before, we entered the gym and strapped on our shoes ready to go. To start the day, Burnaby Mountain took us to three sets before they took the W. Feeling slightly disheartened, we regrouped with a pep talk from Coach Fougner, and headed back to the courts. Our day ended with a tough three set loss to St. Pats. It was an intense game with highest highs, but sadly also our lowest lows. 

The tournament provided us with opportunities to play hard; it taught us a lot about ourselves as a team; and it gave us goals to work towards in the near future. Not bad for a weekend’s work. 

Linnea B, Allard ‘18

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