Senior Girls Soccer’s Ice Breakers

Sunday, April 17, 2022 - By: Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

The ground thawed and the grass grew greener and, not long after, the field was covered by over forty girls, excited for the soccer season. After two years of perpetual cancellations due to the pandemic, the season was finally given the green light.

And what better way to start the season than a weekend packed with soccer?

The weekend consisted of two games. The first, on a sunny Saturday afternoon and the second again against Vancouver Premier Academy, who were sure to be a tough opponent.

And they were.

Come Sunday the beautiful Mill Bay sun had decided to cut its appearance short, leaving heavy rain clouds in its place. This led to tough conditions as the field was wet and muddy. Nonetheless, you could still find a few extremely devoted Brentwood fans excited to cheer on the girls.

The girls put in a valiant effort. They came close a few times, including a rocket of a shot rebounding off the crossbar. However, in the end, they fell just short.

After the game, a soaked and muddy Grace D, Alex 22 said, “We played really well and even though it was not the outcome we were looking for, it was our first game as a team in three years. I am really proud of how the team played and am looking forward to the rest of my last season”

Following the game, Head Coach Mr Barret, who was luckily able to escape the mud, but unfortunately not the rain, proudly stated, “We have over 40 girls in soccer this term. That is the most we have had in a few years. It is great to see the program growing. The Junior Girls season started on Tuesday April 5th and they were off to Saltspring to play against Gulf island Secondary School. The Senior Girls kicked off their season with the tournament at the University of Victoria last Thursday and Friday. It is still early days in the season but the coaching staff are excited about the group and impressed with the growth and progress so far.”

Be sure to look out for Grace’s article on the UVIC tournament.

Good luck on your season, girls.

Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

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