Senior Girls Soccer Reach Provincials

Sunday, September 11, 2016 - By: Sarah Lundy, Captain '16; Photo by Mr. Mike Minckler

The Senior Girls Soccer team had an outstanding season. We were thrown into our first exhibition match days after the season started. We proved to be competitive, hard working, and determined on the field. We continued with a great mental attitude. 

A total of 16 games were played in four tournaments. The Investor's Cup in Campbell River was a fantastic opportunity for our team as we were challenged in every match. The second tournament was the ISAs. This kickstarted a significant improvement. The team played exceptionally well, and the effort and grit put in didn’t go unnoticed. 

After this, we needed a few more league games in order to qualify for a spot at the North Islands. We were able to pull off wins against Kelsey, Shawnigan, Gulf Islands, and Cowichan. Each game was a well-deserved win, and there was no doubt that all the girls were putting in extreme effort. 

We continued to play better soccer as we made our way through each league game. A tie against Ladysmith was our only game that wasn’t a win; we would compete against them at the North Islands Tournament. Once again, we didn’t give up. We finished third, and gained a spot at the Islands a week later in Victoria. 

No game was easy for us, and we entered the finals wondering whether or not we would make it to the provincials. The passion for the game that the girls brought to each game was admirable. We battled until the very end, and finishing 4th qualified us for the BCs. Our first trip to the the provincials in four years is very rewarding for each and every player.

It was an unforgettable season for the team. I know that we couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for all 18 of us. It has been an amazing experience to play with all these girls and, as a graduate, I would like to wish the Grade 11s the best of luck in their season next year. And all the best to Mr. Horth who, after more than a decade coaching Brentwood soccer with skill and class, is pursuing other passions.

Sarah Lundy, Captain '16

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