Senior Girls Soccer

Friday, August 03, 2018 - By: Mr Wesley Barrett

The girls’ season had some drastic changes to it this spring. The group came together as more of a club than two individual teams. Although we do have a Junior Girls team and a Senior Girls team on paper, and they play in different leagues, the groups are very closely connected. The club consisted of 36 girls who were a combination of one Grade 8 student, seven Grade 12s and everything in between. We travelled to Vancouver and to Campbell River for tournaments this year as well as hosting the North Islands. At any one time there could have been seven junior girls playing up with the senior team. This bodes very well for the future. 

But it wasn’t all about the juniors; this group had Grade 12s who were very soccer keen and who all possessed abilities that are remarkable. The training standard and focus this season has been top notch. Every Grade 12 seemed to take a role at one time or the other and they complemented each other nicely. They all believed in the process and as the season came to an end they proved that they could compete with anyone on the Island. 

The girls beat North #1 seed Brookes and Mid #2 seed Francis Kelsey but lost a very tight 1-0 game to Mid #1 seed Shawnigan. Our coaches would like to mention again how focused and motivated this group was to learn and grow. Often the result can get in the way of a team’s growth, but this group of girls stuck together, stuck to the process, and had a very successful season. They set the bar high for future Brentwood teams: the Grade 12s left a great base for the future of the girls’ soccer program at Brentwood. 

Mr Wesley Barrett

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