Senior Girls Soccer

Saturday, July 15, 2017 - By: Vanessa Croft, Captain, Allard ‘17; Photo by Mike Minckler

Despite the short season that the Senior Girls Soccer team had, we fought hard and learned new techniques all while finding passion for the game. From our very first game, the girls worked hard competing in multiple tournaments and league games ending the season with a tough loss in the Island Championships. Although the team was disappointed, the girls kept their heads up and are able to look back on an incredibly memorable season.

With both coaches having busy schedules, Wes Barrett and Jill Fougner dedicated much of their time to the team teaching us how to play and love the game. They led us to an astounding first place victory in the second tier of the Nike Classic Tournament, our first of the season. Continuing on that success, the girls placed second in their league which placed them into North Islands where they lost in the final, placing second overall. 

With the team's strong backline, forceful and skillful midfield, and the strikers’ determination, the girls had quite the run during the Island Championships. After many intense and engaging matches, the team ended the season with a devastating loss to SMUS. This was the game to determine who would continue on to Provincials. Not only did we play a full game, the team continued to fight during overtime but with not much luck. The season ended with a shootout where the girls had their final strike at the ball fall just short. 

The determination and dedication this team has is indelible and it’s sad to see such a great season come to an end. As the Grade 12s go their separate ways, I wish the best of luck to the girls for next season!

Vanessa Croft, Captain, Allard ‘17

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