Senior Girls Gain Silver

Monday, April 27, 2015 - By: Mollie MG, Mackenzie ’15

This past Thursday and Friday, while the rest of the school was in full-blown Regatta mode, our Senior Girls Soccer team headed up to Campbell River to compete in the highly competitive Investors Group Challenge Cup. Leaving after dinner on Wednesday, we were filled with anticipation for our tournament.

Arriving at the hotel, we all got ready for an early night to be prepared for our two games the next day. Waking up to the pounding rain and strong wind, we bundled up and headed to the field. With hail and rain pouring down almost sideways due to the wind, we warmed up and started our first game against a very strong Oak Bay side. We played solid soccer through the weather conditions: the game was tough and aggressive but we rose to the challenge and held them off the majority of the game. Even with the final score 2-0 against us, we held our heads high, very content with our effort. After grabbing some food and a quick stop back at the hotel, we loaded back on the bus for game two.

With the rain easing up a bit, the second game was a lot more pleasant. Against one of the Carihi teams, we played well and were able to win 5-0 with Lauren H, Allard ’15, stepping up to play goalie for one half so that Hannah W, Allard ’15 could play out. Ending the day with two strong games, one loss and one win, we warmed up back at the hotel before heading to dinner to celebrate and bond as a team.

Friday morning meant the final day and intense competition. Our first game was against NISS, a strong side that battled hard. In the end we were able to come out with another victory. Our 4-0 win placed us in to the first place playoff game. Playing the other Carihi home team meant we had to battle hard and push through to hopefully find a positive result on the other end. Sadly, although we played, well we lost 2-0, meaning we ended the tournament with a Silver in the plate division.

We are very proud of the way we played and the success we found this weekend. We would like to thank the four girls from our junior program as well as Avi S, Alex ’16 who came up to round out the squad. 

We play our first playoff game this Tuesday and are excited for the competition.

Mollie MG, Mackenzie ’15. 

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