Senior Girls’ Basketball

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - By: Zjaya Doman, Allard ‘19

Sr. Girls’ Basketball had an action-packed season, starting off with five games in five days. Things hardly slowed after that, with the girls heading into a tournament nearly every weekend. The opportunity to play in so many games was extremely exciting for the team, especially the graduates, who were eager to play as much basketball as possible. 

The first tournament was the ISAs, hosted in Victoria. Despite drawing a Vancouver powerhouse in the first game, Brentwood battled hard from tip-off to final buzzer, fighting through a strong defense and getting some great opportunities on offense. Although we were not able to get the win, the high levels of effort, determination, and hard work set the precedent for future games and demonstrated that our team had the ability to compete with some of the best in BC.

Our success came from tenacious defense, which often forced multiple turnovers in the back court, giving us many opportunities for fast break layups. The girls also demonstrated outstanding rebounding at both ends, an offense that was disciplined and well executed, and most importantly, an ability to work and play together cohesively. Our greatest games came from our fast-paced style of play, which we unlocked early in the season when Mr Doman, said “Girls, turn this thing into a track meet” meaning we were ready to run at both ends of the court, constantly trying to get quick steals for a rapid transition into a fast break, giving us opportunities for easy and efficient baskets.

Although our team was small, we had incredible athletes, and were able to outrun and outwork most of our opponents this season. Coaches Ms Mackenzie and Mr Doman were extremely proud of our determination to succeed, eagerness to work hard, and willingness to do whatever it took to win demonstrated by all of the girls. 

It was a great year, both on and off the court. Incredible memories were forged during late night team dinners, games on the ferry, and road trip karaoke on the bus. It has been an unforgettable season, with great basketball, and even greater experiences!

Zjaya Doman, Allard ‘19

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