Senior Boys Soccer Opens Season

Friday, October 01, 2010 - By: john.garvey

Our Senior Boys soccer team started their league play with an away match against Woodlands S.S., in Nanaimo this week. Playing on a dry but bumpy field, with very long grass, both teams found conditions difficult, hampering skillful ballwork. Nevertheless, Brentwood got off to a fast start with some incisive attacking play, forcing three corners and three shots in the first nine minutes. The pressure paid off as Raffy G rose above the defence to head home a great corner from (captain) Simon F. We continued to attack and after 15 minutes were further ahead. A neat passing play between Kyu Ho L and Raffy saw Raffy volley home a shot from 20 metres. Brentwood 2-0!

Gradually, Woodlands came back into the game and showed considerable skill in their build-up. As we made substitutions, we seemed to sit back a little allowing our opponents to capture the advantage, albeit temporarily. They did score twice, one a defensive lapse, and one following a good penetrating pass and run. Score 2-2 at the half.

In the second half, we tried various combinations of players to break the deadlock and clearly had the advantage in possession and attacking plays. In goal, though, Cam R was forced to make some tremendous saves to stop their skilful forwards when they did make a breakaway. Their goalkeeper, too, had a great game, stopping three good shots in a sequence of five seconds. As time wound down, we had one last chance and Raffy had a chance to get his hat-trick. The bumpy pitch was the winner as his shot just grazed the bar.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw. A decider in all tied league games is to use penalty kicks for a bonus point. In the penalty shoot-out, Woodlands proved to be coolest and took the point. This was cruel justice as we had dominated the game for long periods. As our captain, Simon, said afterwards to the team: it was a great team performance in the second half and the players need to take credit from the match.

Mr. John Garvey, Senior Boys Soccer Coach

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