Senior Boys Soccer ISAA Champions - Again

Thursday, September 22, 2022 - By: Joffre D, Whittall ‘23; Photo by Vitto Pasquale

After two grueling days of battling it out on the soggy pitches of SMUS, Brentwood has once again brought home the ISAA Senior Boys Soccer Championship trophy.
Many would say that their opening match against Mulgrave was nothing short of remarkable. Only seven seconds into the game, the ball was flung into the back of Mulgrave’s net. Oscar L, Tommy M, Youki I, and Avik B had planned out and executed a perfect kickoff play in order to put Brentwood into an early lead. This lead was then strengthened by Avik’s hat-trick completed ten minutes into game one.
As the tournament progressed, however, the competition grew stronger.
After defeating Mulgrave 7-1, Brentwood was able to continue their dominance defensively against Collingwood. The boys in red were able to shut them out with a score of 2-0. Despite struggling to close out goals, their stalwart defense - spearheaded by Jai S and Matson W - were able to keep Collingwood at bay and allowed Brentwood to continue their momentum into the following day.
The competition stiffened. The temperature dropped. The list of injuries lengthened. Yet the spirit of the Brentwood boys did not falter.
They continued their win streak through the entirety of Pool A, yet the St. Georges ‘A’ team had done the same in Pool B. It was only fitting that these two teams ended up facing off in the finals.
Game four was tense. Tears were shed, fouls were called, but the spirit and passion that this game invoked was overwhelming. Of course, when the game’s final whistle was blown, it was still a draw. Overtime only drew out what many expected - a penalty shootout.
If there is anyone who is ready for a penalty shootout, it is Dylan G (who was also the goalkeeper in last year’s provincial championship win). Five shooters shot. It was still tied. Then it went to sudden death. After Brentwood’s sixth shooter scored, it was all up to Dylan to close out the tournament. He took a deep breath and dove to his right in hopes of reaching the incoming ball. Despite the pressure put on his back, Dylan was able to thwart St. George’s sixth shooter and bring this tournament to a close.
This win for the Senior Boys Soccer team is hopefully just the first of many.
Joffre D, Whittall ‘23

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