Senior Boys Rugby

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - By: Thomas Di Fiore, Captain

The Senior Boys Rugby Programme is about commitment, hard work and perseverance. It requires its athletes to devote themselves to the sport, the school and each other. This year's team did just that. Throughout the year, the players  were highly motivated and strove to sharpen their skills for the competitive season.

The competitive season started off well; we played against Kelsey and came out with our first win. Hopes were high and the players were confident. Soon after, we played a touring team from Alberta. The game was hard fought, but in the end, the Alberta team came out on top. Even though we lost, the Alberta team exposed our weaknesses and allowed us to focus on them in the upcoming weeks. From there, we had a few more successful games, and the team grew stronger as a whole. We learned each other's strengths and weaknesses, and worked better as a unit: we were finally playing as a well-oiled team. We went on to play against St. George’s, Collingwood, and Rockridge, and also placed second in the CAIS Tournament. 

This season was not an easy one: the team went through many difficulties. We sustained injuries, and the loss of players, but we stayed strong and pushed through. I’m very proud of this year’s athletes. I will always believe that if we function as a team, we can pull through. 

Thomas Di Fiore, Captain

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