Senior Boys Rugby Provincials - A Silver Lining

Sunday, June 12, 2022 - By: Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

On March 1st, third term rugby commenced. The contests faced this season have been heavily anticipated and, right from the start, expectations were high - the prospect of getting to the provincials championship was on everyone’s mind three months ago. The boys jumped on this opportunity, taking the process game by game, ruck by ruck, and more importantly, win by win. So did the girls, having earned their way to the provincial championship as well.

Through dedicated and consistent resolute training, the Sr Boys were able to secure the top seed entering the tournament. This was a good moment but meant little in the grand scheme; the boys understood that hard work was needed to ensure that our position was correct. Facing Rockridge on Wednesday, we walked away from the pitch with a 36-7 win, but also with an appreciation that the job was not done yet. We looked ahead with determination to finish the task at hand.

Our biggest game of the year was against Collingwood, the next day. This was one of the most thrilling of the season. Collingwood tallied their points by means of kicks, and one try, adding up to 16 points. We put it all on the line, with Mark L, Privett ‘22 taking one for the team before quickly re-entering bandaged up with a flashy red scrum cap provided by one of our coaches.

Exemplifying true grit, right up until the last play, the score read 16 Collingwood and 12 for us. It was the last play, with our entire season on the line. With all the reserves, the girls’ team, and other teams present on their feet, scrum half Noe T, Rogers ‘23 popped the ball to Buchannon F, Rogers ‘22 who valiantly reached the try line - sending the boys to provincial finals. The boys, and Brentwood fans, were ecstatic. It was a moment many will remember for a long time.

After a day for some recovery, it was time for finals  where we met West Vancouver Secondary School: the final score read 33 for West Vancouver, and 28 for the boys in red. Although we weren’t able to bring home a banner with us, many valuable bonds, stories, and friendships were carried along with us on our way back to the Island. We respected our opposition and held our heads high.

In game two, Thomas M, Privett ‘23 went hard into contact, and unfortunately broke his collarbone in the process. Tommy enthused, “The boys played three great games of rugby, showing how hard we worked all season, falling short to a beatable West Van team in the final seconds. I was devastated to miss out on the final but in rugby you put your body on the line for the team. We are now hungrier than ever for a championship next year.”  

Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

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