Senior Boys Basketball: Hawaii Update

Thursday, January 01, 2009 - By: blake gage

The boys arrived late on the night of the 26th in the middle of an island-wide power outage!  They woke early the next morning for a tough game against a feisty team from Christian Academy.  Thanks to a dramatic last second tip-in, the boys were able to escape with a two-point victory.  Their next game was against a much tougher team from Hanalani HS.  The boys played much better in this game and their full court press allowed them to build a comfortable lead and an ultimate 11-point victory.  In the third game of the tour, Brentwood faced Mr. Obama's alma mater, Punahou!  Fortunately for the boys, the opposition played their junior varsity team which was mostly comprised of Grade 10/11 athletes.  Down by 6 points at the half, Brentwood extended their defence and played an impressive second half, finishing  with a 6-point victory.  Between games, the boys paid a visit to Pearl Harbour and the memorial at the USS Arizona, did a great deal of shopping and snorkelling, watched a college basketball tournament at the University of Hawaii, viewed an impressive fireworks display on New Year's Eve, and kicked off the new year with a hike up the Diamond Head volcano. And yes, they have been lucky enough to have a couple of practices and conditioning sessions as well!  

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