Senior Boys Basketball Closure

Saturday, March 06, 2021 - By: Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

Brentwood’s second term is usually known as the most difficult of the year. That said, winter sports are usually the most fun. Some of Brentwood’s most competitive sports take place during this term like my favorite, basketball.

As the second term of basketball comes to an end, many of the players are now entering the off season. Even though most of this Covid-19 year has been an off season in a way, it didn’t stop the team from trying new things, building new skills, and competing with one another. Senior Boys Co-Captain Shaw B, Ellis ‘21 described this year's competitive season as “a learning experience, and a good way for newer members of the senior team to build proper skill sets for the coming years.” Co-Captain, Ifeanyi A, Whittall ‘21 agrees with Shaw and described this term as “An extremely competitive season. Even though we weren't able to play real games, we still brought all the heart and effort we could on the court. It was hard this year with COVID and it's a real bummer that the 12s, including myself, were unable to compete within the province. All that said, it was still an amazing term.”

Despite COVID being in the way - stopping the team from competing outside of Brentwood - Mr Gage was still able to make the term extremely enjoyable and competitive for the boys by making our last practice one to remember. Mr Gage and assistant coach Juan Navarro, Whittall ‘20 drafted intersquad teams and competed against each other in the final scrimmage. The game was refereed by fan favorite Mr Warner and a classic, Mr Sullivan. The game came down to a final nail-biting score of 57 to 54 for coach Juan’s team as a game-tying three pointer bounced off the rim.

Without Mr Gage’s dedication, commitment and hard work, the team wouldn't have been able to enjoy the term in the same way. Basketball may just be a sport to most people, but to the boys in the program, the sport is taken to a whole new level. It's a way relationships are built on and off the court. The senior boys are grateful to have Mr Gage as a coach and are looking forward to the third term of developmental basketball.

Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

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