Senior B Volleyball Sparkles

Wednesday, November 09, 2011 - By: Annie L and Taryn O
Brentwood College Senior B Volleyball Sparkles

This past weekend the Senior B girls’ volleyball team stepped up their game at the Duncan Christian tournament. The girls embraced three new players who helped to make it possible for them to play, and bonded as team.

In an exciting match against Nanaimo Christian, Brentwood won the first set 31-29, and proved that, with determination and communication, our team had more than enough fight in us. From incredible defense and digs by Mikayla DJ, to Hope.K’s setting, this spirited group of girls was relentless in preventing any balls from hitting the floor. 

Charlotte D executed incredible spikes that caused a commotion on the opposition’s side of the net while Emma B was sure to ‘shut down’ any returning balls with her amazing work at the net. 

Though they may be our youngest, Rebecca M and Shannyn O have more than earned their place on the team and constantly proven themselves. From passing to hitting, there is much potential that can already be seen, let alone the positive attitudes they display daily. 

Emily.R and Paige M gave an entirely new meaning to being on their toes and were ready during both serve receive and when the play was in session. Clean passes were made, resulting in a smooth set up. 

The concept of ‘free balls‘ — high passes to the opposing side which can easily be returned— were foreign to both Taryn O and Laurelie M as these power hitters aggressively dished out spikes to the unprepared competitors. 

Team captains Annie L and Hope K led the team in their efforts, and Hope K came back from the weekend named all-star of the Brentwood team. Throughout the tournament the Senior B girls showed what Brentwood is all about: sportsmanship and passion. On the weekend of November 4th, nothing was left on the courts.

Annie L and Taryn O 

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