Senior B Volleyball

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - By: Robin A, Hope ‘21 & Sydney H, Mackenzie ‘21

This season has been an interesting one to say the least. Although this year was not competitive, we were still given the opportunity to develop and hone a variety of skills. The girls demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the sport, keeping their heads held high while simultaneously giving their all in practices. Overcoming Covid-19 mitigation strategies, we grew as a team and were able to create amazing bonds despite the lack of a competitive season.

Scrimmaging against our own team became the new normal. We also got the opportunity to participate in makeshift games against the Junior A team on multiple occasions. This allowed us to get some game-playing experience all the while staying safe within the Brentwood community. We had the amazing opportunity to play with 12 other girls whilst being coached by Brentwood’s very own, Mr Minckler.

Robin and Sydawg out *mic drop* #volleyball #bonding #volleybonding
Robin A, Hope ‘21 & Sydney H, Mackenzie ‘21

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