Senior B Volleyball

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - By: Sophie H, Hope ‘21 & Lily F, Hope ‘20

Starting this term with only five players having played at Brentwood before, we could only hope for a good few months ahead of us. With a fun-filled season, of incredible friendship and leadership, the team bonded and encouraged each other in a positive environment. One of the highlights of our season, besides our one win, was when our shortest player, Robin A, made two successful blocks.

Playing against A level teams, we had our fair share of losses, but the team never gave up even when it was clear the odds were stacked against us. With a good game mentality, the team persevered and stayed positive. With our girls going in and out of injuries, the support and energy coming from the sidelines, be it during a practice or game, was a constant encouragement.

Players of mixed skill levels varying from beginners to experienced worked together to help bring each other’s skill and energy up, both crucial to a good term. The key to any team is their coach and we couldn’t have asked for someone more patient and energetic than Ms Hall. Her contagious energy, as well as her profound love for her girls, was inspiring. Be it on the court, or in a spin class, her passion for coaching and bumping playlists made practices more fun. We couldn’t have made it through the season without her. Her big heart made it particularly tough to choose just one captain. We ended the season with 4 captains

which gave the team plenty of guidance on the court. Thanks to Sydney H, Robin, Sophie H & Madi M.
The team was flexible and open-minded to challenges thrown their way and this made the season loads of fun. Our season was exciting, and full of team-bonding moments, be it through losses or making fun of our libero for almost exclusively using her feet. With the exception of one Grade 12, the team was comprised of Grade 11s, giving it great potential for the fall of 2020.

Sophie H, Hope ‘21 & Lily F, Hope ‘20

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