Senior Acting Adapts and Overcomes

Monday, July 13, 2020 - By: Sarah Richards, Mackenzie ‘20

“Adapt and Overcome”. This seems to be the catchphrases of the last few months, and there is no escaping it. At Brentwood, adaptation has been embraced in our academic, athletic, and artistic programs, and beyond.

The art of Senior Acting has been one of the few that have carried on with their specific classes in addition to the artistic master classes that have comprised the arts program for most of the rest of the school this spring. In a normal school year, the Senior Play is one of the much-anticipated artistic highlights of the third term, but this, of course, is no normal year.

After working on their production all year, and just as they were about to enter technical rehearsals in the beginning of third term, the members of Senior Acting were faced with a difficult choice: to take the easy but disappointing route and drop the play all together, or to put in the extra work to overcome the challenging circumstances and adapt their production to fit the conditions. As Grade 12 cast member Ash M, Mackenzie ‘20 reflected, “At first we weren’t even sure if we were going to run the play at all, but through research and talking it out with the other cast members, we decided to do a radio show. It seemed like the easiest route to get our show across to the audience without much interruption or difficulty interpreting the play”.

So, upon that decision, instructor Mr Interlandi and the cast stepped up to transform a production intended for the stage into a radio play. In a two-part series, this radio play was presented virtually to the Brentwood audience, and proved to be a huge success. As Mr Interlandi put it, the cast “really came together on this, as heartbreaking as it was to not perform this live in the theater”.

According to the play synopsis, the production, titled 7 Stories, is set on the seventh story ledge of an apartment building, in front of several windows. The protagonist, simply named “Man,” stands on the ledge, contemplating a jump, but he is constantly delayed by interruptions by the colorful characters of the seventh floor, who are too preoccupied with their own existence to bother about the life of a man prepared to end it all.

Brought to life by the voices of the talented Senior Acting cast members, the story engaged the audience with moments of both humor and seriousness. Complete with the short opening play The Philadelphia, the two-part production can be found on youtube at and

So to the cast of Senior Play, it is not only Mr Interlandi who is “very proud of all of you for your work, and your effort and commitment to the production”. That sentiment would be echoed by many, so thank you for adapting and overcoming, and congratulations on a successful production!

Sarah Richards, Mackenzie ‘20

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