Second Time’s the Charm

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - By: Gina B, Mackenzie ‘17; Photos by Linnea M, Allard '17

On Tuesday afternoon, the newly minted Junior Soccer squad set out for their second game of the season against Gulf Islands Secondary School. After a tough loss to Shawnigan the week before, we were ready to step up and be victorious in this enduring matchup. Our lineup was lacking key players due to injury or other commitments, but our team stepped up to the challenge with players going into positions where they have never played before. 

As soon as the whistle blew for the kickoff, the game was fast-paced and full of action, with numerous chances on both sides creating an exciting and close game. Kara L, Mackenzie ’18 & Hannah M, Alex ’18, were walls of strength in the back line, leaving no room for the Gulf Island strikers. 

As the end of the first half was swiftly approaching, our forwards ran onto an excellent ball through GISS defenders and Ella B, Mackenzie ’17, slotted a beautiful ball into the bottom right corner, opening the scoring. At the end of the first half the score was Brentwood one, Gulf Islands nil, in part because our fantastic first half goaltender Morgan W, Allard ’18.

The second half started with just as much intensity as the first, with fierce battles and some amazing play by both sides. For a while it was a stalemate, until our Captain Cate B, Allard ’17, broke through with a fantastic finish to open up the score to 2-0 Brentwood. Shortly after, however, an unlucky ball managed to sneak by our final line of defence and fell into the back of the net, making the score a nervously close 2-1. We rallied back right away, however, with an amazing cross by Cate into a wide open space occupied by our talented left winger Kyara A, Alex ’17, who side-footed it home with flair. Cate extended our lead to 3 by executing a brilliant top left corner shot, to lead us to an incredible 4-1 victory.

The Junior Girls Soccer squad are looking forward to the rest of our season for some great soccer, and hope to continue this forward momentum in our next match against Shawnigan on Thursday April 16th at home at 3:30. 

Gina B, Mackenzie ‘17

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