Second Term Sports

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - By: Milla W, Allard ‘21

As winter creeps up on Brentwood students with report cards and the end of our first term, there are many changes going on. As the good weather comes to an end, so too do first term sports. This means an end to practices three times a week with your teammates and friends who you’ve bonded with over the past three months. But with this end comes a new beginning, with new opportunities to make friends, develop further as an athlete, and to challenge oneself, perhaps with a brand new sport.

Lauren C, Allard ‘22 has taken up said challenge and says, “I’m excited because hockey is a sport I’ve never tried before. I think the second term weather isn’t that great and that causes the Brentwood spirit to go down. Going to hockey and knowing I’ll have lots of fun will be a great motivator to help me get through this term. I’ll miss going out on the water every day in rowing and knowing I’m doing my best and improving everyday, but I am really looking forward to hockey in term two!”

Brentwood provides every student with a somewhat overwhelming number of opportunities, and this can sometimes make it hard to know which sport you should choose. There are so many amazing coaches and instructors that make sure the students get full use of our incredible gym and equipment within as well, most of whom often attempt to steal athletes from each other.  

Sasha BL, Allard ‘22 commented, “I haven’t yet decided between ice hockey and basketball for term two sports, but I am very excited either way! I will definitely miss all the girls on the Junior A Volleyball team from term one, but I am very excited to play with them again next year!” So, even though you may not be in the same sports as your original teammates in the first term, you’ll always have those shared memories of fun practices, games played, and the excitement to do it all again next year!

“I’ll definitely miss all of my friends who are leaving my sport for term two. I’m also going to miss meeting all of the other people from other schools that I got to run with. I’m really excited though, to go into the non-competitive season because we get the opportunity to cross-train as well as run, which is something that we didn’t get to do in term one!” enthused Suzanna G, Allard ‘20.

“I’m super excited to begin term two sports, because trying new things and getting to know new people is my absolute favorite part about being at Brentwood!” said Lochlan K, Rogers ‘23 who is clearly not nervous to go and meet new acquaintances! However, many people who may be switching their sports most definitely have at least a twinge of nervousness to go along with their excitement! I know for sure that I am ecstatic to continue my development as an athlete further into the year and I can’t wait!

Welcome new team members with open arms, and enjoy your term two sports Brentwood!

Milla W, Allard ‘21

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