Season Tip-Off: Five Games, Five Days.

Monday, December 03, 2018 - By: Zjaya D, Allard ‘19

The Senior Girls’ Basketball season has tipped-off with success in the girls’ first week of play! The past five days have been extremely busy for us, as we began by travelling to Victoria on Tuesday for a scrimmage against Claremont Secondary School. Having only three practices together before this, we were not sure what to expect. Despite being intimidated by the size of the top ten provincially ranked powerhouse, Claremont, Brentwood played intensely, cohesively, challenged Claremont, and proved we could play with some of the best.

The incredible play continued the very next day against Dover Bay Secondary. Once again, we played hard, and demonstrated our ability on the court and our incredible athleticism. Score wasn’t kept for either of our scrimmages, however, they were fantastic opportunities for us to develop team chemistry on the court, practice our plays with discipline against other teams, and most importantly, set us up for the Independent Schools Association (ISA) Basketball Tournament, hosted by St. Michaels University School in Victoria, which took place this past weekend.

Our first game on Friday was against Mulgrave, a tough team from Vancouver. From tip-off to the final buzzer, Brentwood battled hard, fighting through a strong defense and getting some great opportunities on offense. Unfortunately, we were facing some injuries, our shots weren’t dropping, and we were not able to pull away from the game with a win. This did not discourage us however, and both our coaches, Ms Mackenzie and Mr. Doman were extremely proud of our effort, determination, and hard work. As a team, we had our first official game under our belt, and were ready to finish the tournament strong.

We played a second game that night, against York House, another skilled team from Vancouver. We hit the ground running, and never stopped until the game was over. Brentwood played incredible defense, forcing multiple turnovers from York House in the back court, giving us many opportunities for fast break layups. Our rebounding was outstanding at both ends, our offence was disciplined and well executed, and most importantly, our ability to work together as a team was our key to success, as we pulled away with an impressive win, placing us in a game against West Point Grey Academy the next morning.

Thrilled with our win the previous night, we boarded the bus Saturday with enthusiasm, eager to repeat our style of play that earned us our first victory of the season. West Point Grey Academy had a major height advantage, however, we were determined to head home with another win. “Girls, turn this game into a track meet” said Mr. Doman to us on the bench after the first quarter, recognizing we were much faster than our opponents. We may have been smaller, but we were able to outrun them and outwork them, proving us to be the hardest working team on the court, earning our second win of the season.

Coaches, Ms. Mackenzie and Mr. Doman were extremely proud of the determination to succeed, the eagerness to work hard, and the willingness to do whatever it took to win, demonstrated by all of the girls on the team. We are excited for the rest of our season, including our home opener game next Saturday against Port Alberni at the Foote Athletic Center. It appears to be a promising year for the Brentwood Senior Girls’ Basketball Team!

Zjaya D, Allard ‘19

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