Scram to Slam

Sunday, December 06, 2020 - By: Maddy W, Hope ‘21; Photo by Kameel A, Privett '23

While I was supposed to be doing homework at 7:30pm on November 27th, I found myself surrounded by the most creative minds at Brentwood, spouting metaphorical nonsense.

Slam Poetry nights are the hidden gems of entertainment and some of my favorite events on the Brentwood campus. Organised by our wonderful Slam Captain, Olivia B, anyone is welcome to attend or perform at these informal gatherings. Smattered with well-intentioned puns and the occasional profanity, there is never a dull moment while watching students and the legendary Mr Collis unleash their inner demons and spill their secrets through poetry and creative prose.

Zosia S, Hope ‘21, a regular Slammer, enjoys these nights because “Slam Poetry is a safe and fun place to express yourself without a filter. The laughs, snaps and peer support makes for a memorable hoopla!”. Other than the diverse and inspiring range of poets, by far the most enticing aspect of the Slam is the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere offered by the audience.

From tales of failed relationships of both human and aquatic life alike, to Mr Collis’ epic “I don’t need to borrow your charger” putting all of us screenagers to shame, you never know what to expect from the first word to the last snap. Olivia is rightly proud of the success of her first Slam of the year, exclaiming that “It was a spiffing night with such brilliant performers and a lovely audience”.

Though often humorous, I have shed a tear or two at the hand of an emotional recitation. As Olivia and the other poets of Slam recognize, “We have some talent in the school”, which is showcased through the powerful effect of spoken word. Whether you are a seasoned poet and performer, or a newbie who just happens to dream up rhyming verses randomly in the shower, Slam Night is your time to shine. I encourage anyone and everyone to attend or even perform at our next Slam night later in second term.

Maddy W, Hope ‘21

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