Saturday Night Hockey Fever

Friday, October 06, 2017 - By: Haden U, Ellis ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

Blades slicing and pucks flying led to grand celebrations followed by energetic cheers. This was the scene when the Brentwood Ice Hockey team took to the ice last Saturday. The fall team was accompanied by many newcomers who have been committed to other sports for the past month. 

For those registered in term one hockey, it was a chance to get on the ice before the end of the day. For the newcomers it was a chance to “break the ice” and meet the rest of the team. 

After some free time on the ice to warm up, the large group was split into two teams for an hour-long scrimmage. Both teams played competitively and worked hard. Many players showcased a few great moves, along with beautiful goals and saves. When the final whistle was blown, both teams were sad to leave the ice. Some people stayed on a little longer to take pictures, and others raced off the ice to get the best snacks. The locker rooms were filled with laughter and some questions about the program. After grabbing some quick snacks, the team loaded the bus and returned to their houses at around midnight.

This late night ice time provided a great chance for athletes to get to know each other and the sport before playing during the competitive second term. The program had a great showing. Players and coaches are excited for what is to come this season. 

The Varsity team will suit up and take the ice again October 12th at Kerry Park when they face off against Cowichan High.

Haden U, Ellis ‘19

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