Saturday Aquafit

Sunday, February 17, 2019 - By: Hannah C, Alexandra ‘19

In late January, 13 Brentwood students and Miss Als bussed to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre for our Saturday sport. Normally, we get there and join Alex, our coach, who gives us a variety of different workouts to swim throughout the week. This Saturday, however, was very different. Instead of being greeted by Alex’s smiling face, we were met by Betty and her boombox. All 13 of us, including Miss Als, slipped into the pool for some aqua aerobics. 

Betty’s boombox filled the entire pool with hit tunes from all eras. “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys began to play and the workout commenced. A mixture of jumps and stretches forced smiles across everyone’s tired and worn out faces. The numeracy assessment the previous Tuesday as well as the Grade 12 Provincial English Exam on Thursday had tuckered everyone out, including the teachers, but Betty’s encouragement and radiance made my first ever aquafit experience amazing. 

I enjoy the flexibility of swimming as a Brentwood sport because we are able to participate in activities that we have never tried before! “It was an interactive workout that felt easier but equates to swimming the laps. It was just more fun with the whole group” said Nevanna K after the class. 

Halfway through the workout, we were joined by some elderly ladies who seemed to enjoy the music and moves that were shown to us. Pool noodles were thrown out to everyone in an attempt to spice up the whole routine - and it succeeded! Everyone was flopping and splashing everywhere. The therapeutic music and Betty’s enthusiastic expressions made the 40 minutes feel like five.   

It’s back to laps with Alex after midterm but we are all hoping to be doing another aquafit session with Betty before the term is over! 

Hannah C, Alexandra ‘19

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