Running For Terry, Together

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - By: Will P, Whittall ‘22

On Sunday, Brentwood held its annual Terry Fox Run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. A Canadian hero, Terry Fox was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at 18 years old and, after having his leg amputated, began his ‘Marathon of Hope,’ running a marathon every day from Canada’s easternmost point in Newfoundland all the way to Thunder Bay where he was eventually forced to end his journey. The cancer had spread to his lungs and he passed away shortly after, but from the moment his journey began, he had sparked a worldwide movement that Canada and the world have continued on ever since.

Every year, the entire Brentwood community comes together to raise money for cancer research and run in Terry’s honour, and this year was no different. Luckily, after having to depart from the traditional format last year due to COVID, this year, the entire school was once again able to run together. The inclement weather was not enough to dampen the spirits of our Brentwood family as we ran through the rain and pushed through the pain in order to complete a minimum of two laps around campus.

This year also marked the first year that the event was being run by B-Well, Brentwood’s student wellness group. B-Well captain Emily N, Allard ‘22, knows how important the event is for the school and was happy to take it on, saying, “The Terry Fox Run is an extremely important event not only across Canada, but also at Brentwood. Every year that people have participated in the run so has Brentwood, making this year the 40th annual Terry Fox run both at Brentwood and in Canada. Raising awareness about who Terry Fox is and why we run for him is something that I take pride in which is why I was so happy to raise awareness with B-Well at Brentwood this year.”

Although everyone was required to run (or walk) at least two laps around campus, many students went above and beyond, running for hours upon hours to fulfill personal goals or in the honour of a loved one or friend. One of those overachievers, Lucca P, Whittall ‘22, was running for a purpose, saying “I set the goal of running a half marathon in my dad’s honour and I’m proud that I was able to achieve it.”

A huge thank you goes out to Ms Hall for organizing another fantastic run, along with Ms Murray, Emily, and the entire B-Well team. The Terry Fox Run is always a memorable day in the Brentwood school year, but this year it was even more special. For one of the first times during the pandemic, our entire school community was together again, fighting for a good cause, and it certainly served as a reminder of how special it is that all of us get to be together again.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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