Run Brentwood Run!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 -

This past Sunday our students once again organized themselves to participate in the Run for the Cure.  For the 3rd consecutive year, Brentwood has raised more money than any other school on Vancouver Island.  This is no small feat and we are immensely proud of them.    The heart and soul of this event is staff member, Andrea Felix, herself a survivor.  Inspiring our students comes easily to Andrea and she has once again worked tirelessly with our students in helping with all the arrangements.

Brentwood students are exceptionally busy and, despite their hectic schedules I am so proud of the volunteerism that permeates within our student community.  Environmental groups like “The Beat”,  peer counseling groups like SPARC,  and the 60 plus members of our Student Activities Council are all testament to the spirit of giving in our community.  It could be so easy in a school like ours to sit back and expect to be given opportunities.  Brentwood’s students seem to thrive on creating opportunities and living fully each day.  Wasn’t it Milton Berle who said, “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”? Carpe Diem!

Hats off Brentwood students!

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